Adult orthodontics

A healthy, happy smile is an important part of anyone’s life, no matter your age. At Henderson Orthodontics, anyone 18 and older can enjoy orthodontic treatment. Our discreet and invisible braces for adults allow you to feel comfortable and confident with your choice. You can find a treatment plan that works for you at our Duncanville or Grand Prairie orthodontist offices. We welcome adults of any age and create personalized solutions for your orthodontic concerns. Learn more about our orthodontic services for adults to match your needs and budget.

Do adults need braces?

Since orthodontics is a common practice for kids and teens, some don’t think adults can get braces. Henderson Orthodontics offers adult orthodontics to address various needs, including spatial issues, jaw alignment and potential gum diseases. Whether you want to enhance your smile or improve your oral health, we can help you get started. Adults may choose orthodontic treatment for any of the following reasons:

  • Overall health: Adult braces can address multiple oral health concerns, including jaw and teeth alignment.
  • Confidence boost: A healthier smile can increase confidence in your appearance and help you feel better about your teeth.
  • Prevent future issues: Adults can get gingivitis, periodontal disease or bite problems without proper treatment.