Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces

At Henderson Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments, including our self-ligation brace technology. Unlike traditional braces, a self-ligating brace does not require elastic ties to speed up the alignment.

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Who’s a good fit for self-ligating braces?

Self-ligating braces are an excellent treatment option for various ages and dental needs. Like traditional braces, a self-ligating brace can correct minor bite issues and overcrowding.

If you do not qualify for treatment options such as Invisalign®, self-ligating braces are a close alternative. While this option is not transparent like the aligners for Invisalign®, self-ligating braces are small for a discreet treatment option. The hardware involved in a self-ligating brace also allows it to effectively treat more severe cases of misalignment in a shorter amount of time.

Patients who may have issues cleaning traditional braces may also benefit from a self-ligating brace instead. Since the brackets do not have ties, there are fewer spaces for bacteria to grow to make them a hygienic treatment option.

Self-ligating braces treatment plans

Self-ligating braces rely on an archwire to move teeth. Unlike traditional braces, this wire is not held in place by rubber bands but rather by the brackets on your teeth. These brackets have built-in sliding lock mechanisms and spring-loaded doors that allow Dr. Henderson to move your archwire or replace it when needed.

There are two specific types of brackets present in a self-ligating system:

  • Active brackets: An active bracket features a thicker wire to put more pressure onto your teeth and speed up the treatment process. In most cases, your self-ligating treatment will use active brackets in the second half of treatment to give patients time to adjust to the feeling of their braces before they receive a tighter wire.
  • Passive brackets: Passive brackets feature thinner and smaller archwires to allow the teeth to move with reduced friction. Dr.Henderson may use these brackets at the beginning of your treatment to allow your teeth to adjust to the braces.

How much do self-ligating braces cost?

The cost of self-ligating braces will vary between patients. If you have orthodontic insurance, it may cover a portion of your treatment, depending on your plan. Additional services such as X-rays and imaging may also affect the cost of your self-ligating braces. Regardless of the price, keep in mind that the best way to get your money’s worth is by wearing your retainer after completing your braces treatment.

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