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Clear Ceramic Braces in Duncanville and Grand Prairie

Girl smiling with ceramic clear braces on her teeth

When you're out with friends, do you hide your smile behind a hand to prevent others from seeing misaligned teeth? Do you make a conscious effort not to smile too widely to avoid drawing attention to your mouth? With clear ceramic braces from Henderson Orthodontics, you can have the smile of your dreams without compromising your appearance.

Are You a Good Fit for Ceramic Braces?

Do you worry that metal brackets may impact your lifestyle? Are you a teen and want a faster treatment option than Invisalign® or clear aligners? Are you looking for a braces option that blends well with your natural smile? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a good fit for ceramic braces.

Ceramic braces are an effective way to straighten your teeth and improve your confidence during and after treatment. Some additional benefits of clear bracket braces include:

  • Easy removal after treatment.

  • Less gum irritation.

  • Increased comfort.

Clear bracket braces are also an ideal treatment option for moderate spacing and crowding issues. However, more severe alignment or bite issues may benefit from a traditional brace option. The clear bracket in a ceramic brace is less durable than conventional braces and may break under the pressure of a misaligned bite. Choosing the correct brace option for your needs will allow your treatment to continue as intended without delays.

Customized Treatment Plans for Ceramic Clear Braces

At Henderson Orthodontics, we match your brackets and archwire to your teeth for a seamless straightening option. To make the brackets appear almost invisible, Dr. Henderson will select a clear ceramic option for whiter teeth. Patients with darker teeth will receive a colored ceramic that matches the exact shade of their teeth. Dr. Henderson will also color the metal archwire and use clear elastic bands to create invisible braces on your teeth.

All our patients also have the option of adding a pop of color to their braces. Our elastic bands are available in any color possible to add some personality. Patients can choose tooth-colored elastics or select a rainbow pattern. Since we will change your elastics throughout your treatment, patients have plenty of opportunities to personalize their braces.

How Much Do Ceramic Braces Cost?

The cost of ceramic braces largely depends on various factors such as specific patient needs, insurance plans and if you need additional imaging and X-rays. It's important to remember that your clear braces are an investment in your oral health and provide short-term and long-term benefits. The best way to get your money's worth from this procedure is by wearing your retainer after completing treatment.

Schedule an Appointment in Duncanville or Grand Prairie

Clear dental braces are a great way to straighten your teeth without changing the appearance of your smile. When you choose Henderson Orthodontics for your ceramic braces care, you will enjoy a warm and welcoming office environment, friendly staff and attentive care from Dr. Henderson. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment at our offices in Duncansville or Grand Prairie, Texas!

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