Kids braces

Kids braces

Kids can grow up with healthy smiles with early orthodontic treatment. At Henderson Orthodontics, we offer kids braces in Grand Prairie and Duncanville, Texas, so your child can be comfortable with their smile.

Why do kids get braces?

Kids braces can treat various developmental issues in your child’s mouth or jaw. We recommend bringing your child to our office when they turn seven years old. We can identify potential problems at this young age in case they become serious over time. We may address your child’s needs with braces if they experience any of the following:

  • Speech impediments
  • Chewing problems
  • Teeth crowding
  • Crossbite
  • Impacted teeth
  • Thumb sucking
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Mouth breathing

Why your child might need braces

The main reason we recommend braces for kids is for early intervention. If we notice an issue with your child’s spacing, bite or jaw, we can treat it before it worsens. Braces simplify future treatment and offer a minimally invasive alternative to potential surgeries. We find that some children develop orthodontic concerns because of habits like thumb sucking or poor oral hygiene, but sometimes there is more at play. Hereditary issues, teeth abnormalities or mouth injuries can also be reasons for early treatment.

Kid’s braces for teeth and jaw issues can:

Save money in the long run: Addressing issues before they worsen can prevent costly treatments in the future.

Make puberty more comfortable: Early treatment can eliminate some growing pains as your child’s body changes.

Prevent long-term issues: Early orthodontic treatment can prevent severe bite issues, gum disease or discomfort throughout your child’s life.

Our braces for kid’s teeth

Because every child’s needs are unique, so will their treatment. If your child needs braces, we may recommend traditional brackets for a specific part of the mouth or shortened period. Partial braces can treat limited areas where we see the potential for crowding, bite issues or misalignment. Some orthodontic concerns may need full braces. Traditional treatment includes braces on both rows of teeth for a full term. Once we see the proper results, we will provide a retainer to keep your child’s teeth in place.

Other available treatments

If your child has issues with jaw spacing, we may recommend alternative treatments. The most popular option for children is a palatal expander. This appliance widens the upper jaw so your child’s teeth can grow comfortably. With a few months of this gentle treatment method, your kid can avoid future bite issues or misalignment.

Why choose Henderson Orthodontics?

We understand that going to the orthodontist may not be your child’s favorite thing to do after school, so we make the experience fun and personal. You and your child can feel comfortable coming to our team with any orthodontic concerns. Our individualized approach to patient care offers a gentle and effortless experience for all children.